I was born in San Diego California at the old San Diego Naval Medical Center in what is now Balboa Park. Before I was a year old, my father left the Navy and the family located in Jeffersonville Indiana.

As a child, I enjoyed reading. On at least one occasion, I told a friend that I did not want to go out and play because I wanted to read. I read science fiction and history, enjoying books by Robert Heinlein and Bruce Catton, but my favorite series was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

During high school and college I worked as a paper deliverer, a convenience store clerk, a door-to-door salesman, a camp counselor, and a janitor. I tried restaurant work, but only lasted two nights at the old Ranch House in Jeffersonville. My nastiest job was when I was a part-time janitor at Indiana University’s McNutt Hall which was considered a party dorm. The disgusting part was cleaning up after students who had partied too hard. After cleaning up after certain people, I learned to dislike the smell of tequila. Need I say more?

After completing college, I joined the Navy, attended Officer Candidate School, one year of nuclear power training, and a short submarine school before serving on a nuclear submarine. My travels with the Navy included Scotland, Gibraltar, Italy, Puerto Rico and various classified locations. After leaving active duty, I affiliated with the Navy Reserve Intelligence program and went to work in telecommunications. I was privileged to meet and work with a lot of smart and interesting people, and I got to do a wide variety of intelligence analysis. But I also had a full-time job and a family, so when I completed my twenty years I retired from the Reserves.

Speaking of family, I am proud to be a member of the Bottorff Family. LD Bottorff is my pen-name, but I am proud to associate with the descendants of Johannes Martin Batdorf who arrived in America in 1709 as part of the immigration of Poor Palatines. My great-great-grandfather, Lorenzo Dow Bottorff, was the inspiration for my pen-name.


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