Finally available

This is the book I wanted to write. The Journalist’s Journey is about that mythical secret, the formula for turning water into fuel. The journalist, Stan Maceo, is an ambitious young man who wants to develop a reputation for relevant reporting. He has a plan, but it gets complicated when he falls in love with a beautiful woman who already has a reputation for good journalism. Of course, there has to be someone to protect the secret formula, and there is a team of petroleum industry people under the leadership of Breckenridge Grayson. Grayson is a veteran of the US Army, and he has experience fighting terrorists in Afghanistan and here at home. Early in the story, Grayson is recruited to lead the team that protects Formula 329. He has to leave his old job where he was leading a piracy fighting team. Stan, the journalist, manages to get a job on Breck’s old team, and has success when the team deploys against real pirates. When Stan accidentally discovers the existence of Formula 329, he makes plans to expose the secret, but he must first deal with Breckenridge Grayson, a man whose opinion of journalists is: They’re like the enemy, but we aren’t allowed to shoot them. By the end of the story, they’re all friends, and the formula is still a secret. If you want to know why, you’ll need to read the book.


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