A new book.

Do any of you actually start a new school year with excitement? Is the first day of class full of anticipation of the new knowledge you will learn?

I used to feel that way at the beginning of each school year, until I went to college. Each year, I would look forward to new books, new friends, and new opportunities to learn.

Then, in college, I actually had that feeling at the beginning of each semester.

In both cases, by the time the end of the year or semester came, I was usually exhausted from the work, frequently too exhausted to appreciate all that I had learned. Worse, sometimes I was actually disillusioned at how the class turned out to be far less than I had anticipated.

But that didn’t stop me. At the beginning of the next semester, I was excited again. That feeling continued up through my graduate classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Later in life, I pursued professional networking certifications. Again, when I bought a new book to study, I was excited by the prospect of learning new things. Again, by the time I was through with each book, I was frequently exhausted, but I must have gotten something out of it, because I still look at each new book with anticipation at what I will inside the covers.

Now, I have a proof book of my own writing – The Journalist’s Journey. I’m excited. The cover turned out to be much more beautiful than I had anticipated. Now, I need to go through and proof-read the entire text. That’s a lot of work, but I’m still excited by what is ahead.

My hope is that the finished product will excite you.



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